Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday Paaspop Fun-on-Wheels

Saturday, 15-April-2017 - Veghel/Schijndel - It's my youngest grandson Seth's first birthday today!  I got a late start getting ready for skating--I got to the Sligro starting point 15 min late--I was the only one there.  I'm so sorry if anyone got tired of waiting for me.  I headed into the northwesterly wind (3-4 bft) in the direction of Schijndel.  It was pretty slow-going until I got into a wooded area.  I hoped to get a glimpse of the three-day Paaspop (Easterpop) music festival in progress.  I heard music when I got to the crossroad.  I kept following the music.  When I came to this billboard (photo), I knew I was going in the right direction.  Returning homeward, the wind was my friend as I rolled over smooth asphalt along the canal.  On the outskirts of Veghel, I passed some grazing sheep (my best photo of the day).  I was good for 28 km.  pics (109) gps-tracked route.
Paaspop 2017 recap Zaterdag (video clip 2:02)

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