Saturday, January 21, 2017

Magical Ice Skating Pond

Saturday, 21-January-2017 - Veghel - This morning I babysat Seth while Chris helped Daan lay pavement brick in the front yard underneath the windows.  When I got back to Veghel, I did some grocery shopping.  It was late and the temperature was dropping when I finally got out the door to go ice skating at the Aa-broeken pond.  The sun was almost down, but there were still 40 people on the ice.  Saw Des, Nena, and Niek.  Yes, there were some spots which had melted open (photo), but this magical pond will heal itself in the evening and be ready to delight with super ice tomorrow.  Pics (37)

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Anonymous said...

Was great dale meating u agian after 6 years i whish u the best and i hope to see you at the ice soon as long as whe have it.