Saturday, July 25, 2015

European Championship Womens Fast Pitch Softball--Day 7

Saturday, 25-July-2015 - Rosmalen - NL vs CZ.  The rain subsided enough to start (photo). I totally underestimated the ability of the Gryphon's ground crew and the determination of the European Softball Technical Leadership.  I never thought the field would become playable after stopping play in the fourth inning.  I didn't realize that the Dutch and Czech teams went to the locker room.  I thought they went back to their respective hotels.  I thought the tournament was over.  I said goodbye to Rob, Marjo, Charissa, Sabrina, Miquel, and Stefan, before heading home.  At 1830, back in Veghel after a shower, I logged into  At first, I thought I was looking at a previous game; but then I realized it was live!  It was the 5th inning--play had resumed. Marij came home from work.  We had pizza and watched the grand final NL-IT together.  Italy won the final, the Netherlands won silver.  Respect to all participants and spectators.  pics (191)
Play-by-Play & Stats

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