Saturday, July 26, 2014

MH17--Fourth Recovery Transport Arrives in the Netherlands

Saturday, 26-July-2014 - Eindhoven - For the fourth day in a row, two recovery transport aircraft arrived at Eindhoven Air Base.  I witnessed the silence on live national television as, one-by-one, the remains of 38 MH17-victims were with awesome and reverent ceremonial honor and respect received on Dutch soil.   I grieve along with their families.
mh17_recovery_transport_nr4_sat_26-jul--38 victims (9 pics)
mh17_recovery_transport_nr3_fri_25-jul--75 victims (15 pics)
mh17_recovery_transport_nr2_thu_24-jul--74 victims (19 pics)
mh17_recovery_national_mourning_transport_nr1_wed_23-jul--40 victims (2 pics)

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