Saturday, May 25, 2013

Omni Sand Dune Skating

Saturday, 25-May-2013 - Alphen aan de Rijn/Noordwijkerhout - The Omni Skaters from Alphen aan de Rijn invited Fun-on-Wheels for a tour which took us through the sand dunes between Wassenaar and Katwijk aan Zee--it was my first time to behold this wondrous landscape. I was already getting tired and cramped muscles (adductor magnus) before we made the climb to the dunes. "Drink water, keep moving." Marleen had become my personal coach. We fell behind. Lizette waited with me while Marleen got help. I couldn't find a stretch that worked.  An Omni rescue train--two skaters pulling me, and two skaters pushing--came and got me out of the dunes and joined up with the rest. The last 20 km I got help from Alle, Jurgen, Edwin, and a few other Omni skaters.  Great weather, smooth route, great company, great teamwork! Thanks to all for a wonderful day I'll not forget.  36 skaters and one bicyclist--good for 72 km. my pics (258)   gps-tracked route (thanks marleen)  video by Fred (4:55)  omni pics (68)

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