Thursday, March 14, 2013

Healthy Popular Trees Cut Down in Zijtaart

Thursday, 14-March-2013 - Gemert/Erp/Veghel/Zijtaart - On my way to Gemert, I enjoyed the tree-lined road.  I imagined how Veghel would look after trees were cut down to save money on maintenance.  On my way back home, I veered off to Zijtaart to see for myself (work had begun earlier this week).  To my shock, healthy 25-year old popular trees (populus canadensis) are being cut down in Zijtaart.  Under the right conditions, these trees can live to be 200 years old!  I saw unnecessary destruction of CO2 absorption capacity, habitat for birds and animals, and Brabant landscape. I'll be contacting Theo Lemmers, Veghel Public Space Management for his explanation.  In the meantime, I put my thoughts down here: What did you do today?
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