Saturday, August 4, 2012

Postel 2012

Saturday, 4-August-2012 -Oirschot/Postel - It was the fifth year that Pieter organized the Oirschot-Postel-Oirschot skating tour--the fourth year for me.  The weather and the company couldn't have been better.  I was already having trouble keeping up at the 20 km mark.  Henriette rode in front of me to shield me from the wind, allowing me to catch up with the rest. I started to fall back again when Mark gave me a push and some encouraging words to get me back in place. I got some rest at 30 km stop. Henriette:  "Make sure you get in front of the group." Skated behind Johan who slowed down the pace.  Got some more rest at our lunch stop in Postel. I felt a lot better. Started to fall back once more at the 90 km mark. Bart shielded me from the wind to join the group.  Frans gave some stern instructions which helped me the rest of the way back to Oirschot.  When we got back got a garden hose shower and jumped in the pool to cool off. The barbecue got fired up and we had a great meal. What a great day! Fifteen skaters, four bicyclists, and one solex rider.  Good for 105 km. route pics dale (189) pics marc (2) pics johan (15) video clips by wil: clip1 (75 sec) clip2 (75 sec) clip3 (34 sec) clip4 (21 sec) clip5 (30 sec)

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