Saturday, August 20, 2011

Electroworld Skating 2011--100 km?

Saturday, 20-August-2011 - Boekel - Perfect weather for Electroworld skating. I signed up for 100 km, but had doubts if I should press myself. I could always stop and ride with the safety bus, I thought. 135 skaters started at 1000. Shortly after the 60 km rest stop, I felt the pace picking up to around 25 km/hr--I had to work harder to keep up. Maybe it was psychological. When I heard someone behind me say that "now this is a good pace", I thought I couldn't make it to the next stop about 15 km farther. I punched out of the pack at Langenboom with the intention to hop in the safety bus, but I rolled to a stop and sat down--too far away to be noticed. It was a long 22 km-skate back to Boekel on my own. To my surprise, I got back just in time to take finish photos of those who completed the 100 km. Thanks to all the skaters and volunteers for a great day. pics (242)
my gps tracked route
part 2
part 3
part 4

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