Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Roll Eerder Monday Evening Skating

Monday, 27-June-2011 - Oirschot - Wasn't going to be able to skate Tuesday evening in Boekel, so I joined the Roll Eerder (roll earlier) Monday evening skate group. This evening, Pieter (photo) was our guide. We met at his place in Oirshot--start time: 1930. It was still very warm--it got up to more than 30 Deg C during the afternoon. Had our coffee break at Oisterwijk around 2045. Before we left, most everyone put on reflection gear and running light. Had to patch up an eyebrow of one of the group, due to a fall about 5km from home. A nearby resident gave her a lift to the emergengy room for some stitches. We got back around 2250. After an evaluation along with some joke-telling, we said good night around 2400. All-in-all: smooth skating, warm weather, good company--a great skate. 19 skaters--good for 39km.
gps tracked route
pics (80)

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